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What is PM Leads?

  • PM Leads is a company specializing in Residental Rental placed leads. We track the Do-It-Yourself landlords and PMs/Realtors in your area who are currently advertising vacancies for their properties. We email a daily list with the property ad information, including owner/landlord/property manager/realtor contact information.

What is the source of your Property Manager/Owner/Landlord Leads?

  • We scan Residential Rental ads found in newspapers, magazines, public websites and various other public sources. In fact, we consult with professionals in each area to determine the best information sources so we can provide the best quality and maximum quantity of leads.

How current are the Property Manager/Owner/Landlord Leads you provide?

  • FRESH! Daily we scan and search hundreds of thousands of rental ads. We apply the process seven days a week. We know how important it is to you that the leads are fresh and delivered quickly. After daily processing, PMLeads delivers most ads to your inbox by the next morning.

How often do you deliver the Leads?

  • Every morning, Monday-Sunday.

What does your service cost?

  • Pricing is determined by the number of areas you receive as a subscriber. To see pricing, click the 'Areas Covered' link above (or here: Areas Covered), select your state, then check the area or areas you want. As you check areas, the pricing matrix below will dynamically display both Monthly and Annual pricing.

How accurate are your leads?

  • 99.99% accurate. We obtain our leads from public sources and deliver them to you as they are advertised. We make little to no changes to the ads. If there are any inaccuracies it typically originates from the source, such as the property seller or newspaper. In the case of a "wrong" phone number from a reverse directory search, again, the source of the error typically originates from "old" or "inaccurate" data from the directory providers.

Does PM Leads do anything to help customers understand which phone numbers are on the U.S. National Do Not Call Registry?

  • Yes. As a free service to our customers, all U.S. phone numbers are compared against the U.S. "Do Not Call Registry" database. If a match is found, the phone number will be indicated as being a part of the "Do Not Call Registry".

What is the difference between PMLeads and competitors?

  • Our competitors seem to be people who continue to spend hours of their valuable time looking/farming for leads rather than intelligently working FRESH Leads. PMLeads is an innovator and the first to offer a national Property Manager/Owner/Landlord Leads service.

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